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Deputy Prime Minister of Liechtenstein Meets with Samco Chairman and CEO Osamu Tsuji

Nov 20, 2016

Deputy Prime Minister Zwiefelhofer (left) and Samco Chairman and CEO Tsuji.jpg

Deputy Prime Minister of Liechtenstein Thomas Zwiefelhofer invited Samco Chairman and CEO Osamu Tsuji, samco-ucp President Christian Linder and samco-ucp Director Nakanobu Seki to the country's government building in Vaduz at the beginning of November in order to express his gratitude to Samco for making Liechtenstein its sales and service base in Europe through its subsidiary samco-ucp.


Samco established samco-ucp in May 2014 when the company acquired plasma cleaner systems maker UCP Processing in Liechtenstein, which is located in Central Europe.


"A number of world-renowned manufacturers involved with precision instruments are concentrated in that region, including vacuum components maker Oerlikon Balzers and vacuum valves maker VAT," says Tsuji.  "Even so, the government of Liechtenstein has been especially keen to attract companies from Japan."


Consequently, the discussion turned toward the needs and expectations of Japanese companies seeking to establish locations in Liechtenstein.  These issues include ease of access to relevant information, assistance with any necessary procedures, hiring practices and the location of facilities.


"We had a lively exchange of opinions about what the government can do for Japan-based companies," says Tsuji.

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