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Samco announces MOCVD demonstration availability for the GaN-550 MOCVD system for GaN power device manufacturing

Jan 14, 2015

Samco has announced MOCVD demonstration capability on a new gallium nitride (GaN-on-Si) system, the GaN-550, from Valence Process Equipment Inc (VPE) of Branchburg NJ, USA. Samco sells and distributes the GaN-550, which is equipped with a 550 mm in diameter carrier for mass production of GaN power devices. The demo system will be available for customer demonstrations at Samco's R&D facility in early 2015.

Samco is expanding its wide range of dry etching and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) systems for wide-bandgap semiconductor applications such as LEDs, laser diodes and RF devices. One of Samco's strengths is the process of nitride semiconductors, which play important role in green electronics.

VPE is a start-up company, providing MOCVD systems for GaN-based LEDs. VPE's GaN-500 MOCVD system employs a unique reaction chamber design and is highly-efficient at reducing gas consumption by up to 40 % compared with other MOCVD systems.

Samco installed a new GaN-550 MOCVD system, which was developed from GaN-500, and has low process gases consumption, high-speed gas switching, and superior temperature control. The specially designed gas injector requires fewer reactor cleanings, which increases system availability and uptime. The GaN-550 system can grow more than 5 um/hour GaN at the uniformity of less than 1%. While the carrier size of GaN-500 is 500 mm in diameter, the carrier size of GaN-550 is 550 mm in diameter for higher throughput, up to 2 inch x 72, 4 inch x 20, 6 inch x 7 or 8 inch x 4 per batch.

Samco utilizes the GaN-550 demo system and accelarates the sales of VPE's MOCVD systems for GaN-power device manufacturing. Now, Samco provides "One-Stop Solution" to provide turn-key solutions for the nitride semiconductors - MOCVD, PECVD, dry etch and dry cleaning processes for power device manufacturing.

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