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Samco Releases Production Etch System for SiC Power Devices

Oct 20, 2013

RIE-600iPC.jpgSamco released a new cassette-to-cassette production etch system, the model RIE-600iPC, for Silicon Carbide (SiC) processing. The main system applications are planar processing for SiC power devices, fine trench etching for SiC MOS structures, SiC through-wafer etching for via hole formation, and SiO2 mask etching.

The new RIE-600iPC is a production system based on the proven RIE-600iP platform used for R&D and semi-production, which won the "Semiconductor of the Year" award by The Semiconductor Industry News in June 2013.

SiC, a wide band-gap semiconductor with a high dielectric breakdown voltage and capable of high temperature device operation, presents processing challenges such as preservation of sidewall smoothness and etching profile at high etch rates, while maintaining high enough etch mask selectivity.

The RIE-600iPC employs a patented Tornado ICP® coil capable of high power, high-density RF plasma (at up to 3kW) under high vacuum conditions. With a height-adjustable lower electrode and high-capacity vacuum pump (1,300 liters/sec), the system enables high-speed SiC etching with excellent uniformity and can provide customers with a wide process window.

The system holds up to 25, six inch wafers at a time in a vacuum cassette chamber, and automatically delivers wafers to the process chamber via a transfer/load-lock chamber. The vacuum cassette chamber provides greater processing and production efficiency.

Samco introduced the RIE-600iPC at The International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials, which was held at Phoenix Seagaia Resort in Miyazaki, Japan, from September 29 to October 4. Samco has set its sights on becoming the leading provider of process equipment for next-generation power devices

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