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Samco Provides Solutions to Kyoto University's Micro/Nano Fabrication Hub

Mar 11, 2013

RIE-800iPB-KU V2_s.jpgImage: Kyoto University's RIE-800iPBC
In March 2011, Samco installed three systems at Kyoto University's Micro/Nano Fabrication Hub. This research hub is an important component of Japan's Low-Carbon Research Network (LCnet), a group of three research hubs and fifteen satellite research centers that focus on exploring the role of "Green Nanotechnology" in creating a low-carbon society. Together with the Research Hub for Advanced Nano Characterization (University of Tokyo) and Center of Materials Research for Low Carbon at NIMS (National Institute for Materials Science), these three research hubs perform the following functions: 1) micro- processing and fabrication, 2) evaluation and measurement, and 3) materials fabrication.

The Micro/Nano Fabrication Hub in Kyoto University is now home to three Samco systems: two RIE- 800iPBC systems for deep silicon etching (DSE), and one RIE-10NR system for etching silicon-based substrates as well as ashing. These systems are contributing to cutting-edge research conducted at the Micro/Nano Fabrication Hub.

Public use of this technology is one of the purposes of this research hub. As an open laboratory, members of the public can utilize any of these Samco systems upon reservation and payment
(fees are discounted for students and collaborative researchers).

Samco is proud of our presence at Kyoto University and the opportunity to support both researchers and venture enterprises. As 'Partners in Progress', Samco constantly strives to improve our process technology for research applications involving micro and nano-processing.

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