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A Samco Milestone: 3,000th System Sold

Oct 10, 2012

Samco is proud to announce a great milestone - the sale of our 3000th system! As pioneers in thin film technology, Samco has provided highly reliable plasma etching, CVD, and surface treatment systems over the past 30 years. On September 30, 2012, our 3000th system (specifically, a plasma etching system) was delivered to the Japan Electronic Materials Corporation. In celebration of this milestone Mr. Osamu Tsuji, Samco President and CEO, paid a special visit to the Japan Electronic Materials Corporation's headquarters in Amagasaki (Hyogo Prefecture) and presented a memento to its chairman, Mr. Hideo Sakane. Samco's memento (a digital clock) was received with great appreciation.

Japan Electronic Materials Corporation is the global leader in the production and supply of probe cards. Probe cards analyze in-wafer circuitry during the examination stage of semiconductor manufacturing processes such as IC and LSI, and are used for testing the quality of diced and packaged chips. In this type of wafer testing, probe card needles make contact with the chips' bonding pads and measure the chips' electric characteristics.

Since Samco was founded in 1979, we have provided a wide range of solutions for semiconductor and electronic component applications. Samco's systems for next-generation processes have been highly commended for meeting the needs of their respective markets. Recently Samco invested in the development and promotion of technologies for green applications such as LEDs and power devices. These devices contribute to energy and environmental conservation. Additionally, Samco's current drive also involves promoting technology for cutting-edge MEMS devices and smartphone components.


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