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Samco Announces Revised Forecast of Business Results for Fiscal Year 2011

Aug 17, 2011

Samco Inc. today announced the revision to its forecast of business results for fiscal 2011 announced on June 8, 2011, taking into account recent business conditions.

Forecast of Business Results for the Fiscal 2011
(August 1, 2010 - July 31, 2011)
Net sales
(¥ million)
(¥ million)
(¥ million)
Net Income
(¥ million)
Net Income
Per Share (¥)
Previous Forecast (A) 6,000 1,060 1,050 625 106.59
Revised Forecast (B) 5,253 809 741 440 75.03
Change (B)-(A) -747 -251 -309 -185
Percent of Change -12.5% -23.7% -29.4% -29.6%
(Reference) FY 2010 Results 4,277 463 412 247 42.22

Reasons for Revision
Samco started its first half of FY2011 with a backlog of orders totaling ¥1,819 million, although the impact of the global recession was still felt. Our sales in the Japanese market are strong in R&D systems, thanks to the R&D projects that were funded by the government stimulus budget. Overseas sales are also in good shape, especially for the optoelectronics industries in China and Taiwan. We achieved record sales of ¥2,616 million during the first half of FY2011. However, we had to revise our forecasts for the FY2011, even though we had not been affected significantly by the Tohoku Earthquake. One of the reasons for this revision is shipping delays to foreign customers one of whom ordered ¥250 million worth of equipment that needed to be shipped to China. As a result, our overseas sales are greater than those of the last fiscal year, but below that of our forecast. The second reason is the delay in our new product release. These two factors have resulted in the decrease of Samco sales during FY2011.
The annual dividend of 15 JPY per share was unchanged.

The above-stated forecasts are formulated based on estimates of the future economic environment, as of the announcement date of this material; the actual results could differ from those of the forecast due to various factors that might occur in the future. The material in this statement does not guarantee the Company's future business performance.

For further information, please contact:
   Mr. Akira Tai
   Executive Officer
   Administration Department
   Tel: +81-75-621-7841

   Samco Inc.

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