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Taiwan LED Manufacturers are Booming Again

Mar 17, 2010

March 17, 2010 - Although the LED industry endured a great downturn in the wake of the Lehman shock, capital investments by LED manufacturers in Taiwan are recovering, thanks to the growing demand for LEDs in China and South Korea. In particular, capital investments for LCD TV backlights are leading the market recovery process.

Samco has received orders for ICP etching systems and Plasma-Enhanced CVD systems from major LED manufacturers in Taiwan, and has been highly evaluated for excellent reliability, short-term start-up, low failure rate and low cost of operations. As a result, Samco possesses a large market share in ICP etching and PECVD systems in Taiwan for LED manufacturing. For example, Samco has recently, received orders for 16 systems from two major LED manufacturing companies in Taiwan.

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