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Samco Collaborates with Two Well-Known Universities in the East Coast

Jan 30, 2009

Samco's President (Mr. Osamu Tsuji) and the Director of US Operations (Mr. Peter Wood) visited MIT* and the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials** (PRISM) at Princeton University in November 2008 to further strengthen mutual technical collaborations.

A Samco ICP etch system was installed at M.I.T. in October 2008. Both the ICP etch and silicon DRIE systems are currently scheduled for installation by February 2009 at PRISM.

Samco has entered into technical collaboration agreements with universities and other educational institutions for many years. Recently, Samco has further decided to intensify its research collaborations through its new relationships with Dr. Gale Petrich of MIT and Professor James C. Sturm of PRISM.

Such technical collaborations are extremely beneficial to both parties. Samco provides the universities with the best tools and process knowledge, while the universities provide Samco with feedback on the applications and new research developments. This allows Samco to constantly improve its technology, in order to provide the next generation of semiconductor process equipment.

* M.I.T. (
** PRISM (

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