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Samco's New 330 Series Increases LED Production by 40%

Dec 9, 2008

 Sunnyvale, CA - December 2008 -- Samco, a leading compound semiconductor equipment company has released a new high-volume GaN (Gallium Nitride) ICP etching system model RIE-330iP, for LED manufacturing. A cassette-to-cassette version of this system, model RIE-330iPC, is also available.

 Development of the 330 Series was developed based on Samco's extensive experience with high-density plasma etching of compound semiconductor materials (GaN, InP, InGaN, AlGaN, Sapphire and AlN). These systems are equipped with 330mm trays and can process twenty seven 2-inch, seventeen 2.5-inch, or seven 4-inch wafers. This larger capacity results in an increased productivity of 30%-40%, compared with other systems having 300mm trays.

 The biggest challenge in increasing production has been obtaining good wafer-to-wafer etch uniformity. In response to this, Samco developed the SSTC (Symmetrical Shielded Tornado Coil) technology. The new SSTC design has proven that a uniformity of +/- 3% with an associated etch rate of 120nm per minute can be achieved. Such cutting edge performance is a result of the unique shape and electrical characteristics of the new ICP coil.

 Samco is offering the 330 Series in response to the increased demand in the LED production market that is expected in the near future. This product line was introduced at Semicon Japan in December 2008.

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