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CEO of Samco was named Chairperson of APCPST 2012

Mar 2, 2012

 Mr. Osamu Tsuji, President and CEO of Samco Inc., was recently named Conference and Organizing Committee Chairperson of the 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Science and Technology (APCPST 2012) Conference. 
 Of the ten committee chairpersons, Mr. Tsuji is the only corporate representative; the remainder represent universities in Asia and Australia. 

 APCPST 2012, sponsored by the Japan Society for the promotion of Science (JSPS), will be held jointly with the 25th Symposium on Plasma Science for Materials (SPSM), at .Kyoto University ROHM Plaza, in Kyoto, Japan, from October 2 through October 5, 2012. Scientists and engineers from Asia and the Pacific Rim, as well as Europe, are anticipated to attend. Sessions at this prestigious conference will cover topics such as green innovation, medical and industrial applications for plasma etching, latest technological developments, current issues, and many others.

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