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SiNx PECVD Technology without Explosive SiH4 Gas pdf

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) System Development for Power Device Applications pdf

Scallop Free, Positive Tapered Si Via Etching Using SF6/O2 Non-Bosch DRIE pdf

Introducing GaAs Wafer Plasma Scribing with ICP Etching pdf

Plasma Dicing Solutions of a Variety of Materials pdf

Si DRIE System for MEMS Devices Manufacturing - RIE-800iPBC pdf

Dry Etching Systems Designed for SiC Power Device Manufacturing pdf

Precise Thickness Control in Recess Etching of AlGaN/GaN-HFET Manufacturing pdf

Deposition of SiOC:H Films Suitable for MEMS Manufacturing pdf

The Bosch Process Data
Low-scallop Etching Process and Sidewall Smoothing Process pdf

Empirical evidence for a two phase system in SiCN films prepared by low pressure PE-CVD pdf

Plasma Dicing and Scribing Technology for GaAs Based Devices pdf

High-Speed, Deep Silicon Etching for R&D pdf

Chlorine-Based ICP Etching for Improving the Luminance Efficiency in Nitride LEDs pdf

SiO2 and SiN etching by Low Global Warming Potential Gas pdf

Breakthrough for the Next Generation Power Devices pdf

High-speed Etching of SiO2 and SiC pdf

Plasma Cleaning of LED Lighting Package pdf

Deep Etching of Compound Semiconductors pdf

SiC Power Device Projects at Samco pdf

Properties of SiN films deposited with the Samco PD-220LC system. Repeatability data of SiN deposition. pdf

Square Hole Etching of Silicon pdf

GaN MOSFET with SiO2 Gate Oxide Deposited by Silane-Based PECVD pdf

Deposition and characterization of silicon carbon nitride films prepared by RF-PECVD with capacitive coupling pdf

Properties of SiCN films prepared by Cathode Coupled P-CVD Using Liquid Source Material pdf



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