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Eco-friendly devices such as LED and power devices are getting more expectation to save energy. Microfabrication of compound semiconductor, which are the material of such devices, requires highly accurate dry etching processes.
ICP etching systems achieve a plasma density of 1000 times as high as that of conventional parallel-plate type RIE systems, and are capable of wider range of processes. However, it is difficult to obtain uniform plasma in ICP etching systems.
Samco developed the Tornado ICP®, the ICP coil with three dimensional structures. The three dimensional Tornado ICP® coil enables the formation of highly uniform plasma.

Magnetic Field by Tornado ICP®

Electric Field by Tornado ICP®   

(a)Coutour Line of Electric Field by Tornado ICP®

(b)Magnetic Field by Tornado ICP®

Samco conducted electro-magnetic field simulations to improve the reliability and performance of the Tornado ICP®. With these simulations, Samco figured out the optimum configuration for the best uniformity. Tornado ICP® etching systems achieved highly uniform, high-speed, high-aspect ratio etching not only on compound semiconductors, but also on silicon and metal thin films and are used in many plants and research laboratories in various industries.



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