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UV-Ozone Cleaning System
Samco's UV-300HC is a completely dry UV Ozone Cleaning process equipped with cassette to cassette mechanism to strip photoresist and to remove all types of organic contaminant using both UV light radiation and high concentration ozone. This system includes two cassettes and can have a max. of 12 trays/cassette.


Main Unit: 1100(W) x 1740(D) x 1625(H) mm

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  • Utilizes a unique combination of ultraviolet light, high-concentration ozone and controlled heating for efficient cleaning

  • "Soft" completely dry process will not cause electrical damage to circuits

  • Easy, drawer type loading of substrates

  • Compact, uses minimum clean room space

  • Temperature control (Ambient to 300°C)

  • Operates at atmospheric pressure - no vacuum system required

  • Safety features include: drawer interlock, automatic purge cycle, air pressure interlock, cooling water interlock, ozone scrubber and emergency off switch

  • Stripping of photoresist and polyimide

  • Removing ink from EPROM wafers without erasing programs

  • Removing organic contamination from substrates prior to thin film deposition

  • Surface preparation for lube or photoresist

  • Descumming photoresist and E-beam resist

  • Cleaning prior to wafer bonding



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