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UV-Ozone Cleaning System
Samco's UV-300H utilizes a combination of ultraviolet light, a high concentration of ozone and controlled heating to provide effective cleaning and stripping without causing electrical damage to circuits. Substrates are loaded into the system through a sliding drawer.
Applications include removing ink dots following test, photoresisit and polyimide ashing and cleaning of organic contamination.
This high-performance unit provides photoresist ashing rates of up to 5000 Å/min. and includes numerous safety features to protect the operator and the system. The UV-300H operates at atmospheric pressure, and does not require a cumbersome, high maintenance vacuum system.


Main Unit: 698(W) x 800(D) x 1306(H) mm

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • Utilizes a unique combination of ultraviolet light, high-concentration ozone and controlled heating for efficient cleaning

  • Soft" completely dry process will not cause electrical damage to circuits

  • Easy, drawer type loading of substrates

  • Compact, uses minimum clean room space

  • Temperature control (Ambient to 300°C)

  • Operates at atmospheric pressure - no vacuum system required

  • Safety features include: drawer interlock, automatic purge cycle, air pressure interlock, cooling water interlock, ozone scrubber and emergency off switch

  • Stripping of photoresist and polyimide

  • Removing ink from EPROM wafers without erasing programs

  • Removing organic contamination from substrates prior to thin film deposition

  • Surface preparation for lube or photoresist

  • Descumming photoresist and E-beam resist

  • Cleaning prior to wafer bonding



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