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UV-Ozone Cleaning System
Samco's UV-300 uses a combination of ultraviolet radiation and ozone to remove organic materials from a variety of substrates, improve wettability and enhance adhesion. The UV-300 is clean, reliable and simple to operate. Unlike plasma cleaning systems, it does not damage delicate structures or require a complicated, high-maintenance vacuum system. Nor does it use wet chemistry's messy, corrosive or toxic solvents.


Main Unit: 550(W) x 430(D) x 605(H) mm

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • Large reaction chamber accommodates substrates of varying sizes up to 12" in diameter

  • Rotating sample stage ensures high uniformity of cleaning /stripping rate across the substrate surface

  • Built-in "ozone killer" for complete removal of ozone in the exhaust

  • Simple to operate

  • Temperature control (Ambient to 300°C)

  • Completely dry process and will not cause any electrical damage to circuits

  • Operates at atmospheric pressure

  • Door interlock system

  • Removing organic contamination

  • Pre-clean wafers prior to deposition/coating

  • Ink removal from wafers

  • Descumming of photoresist and polyimide

  • Surface modification for better adhesion

  • Improving lube coverage on magnetic disks

  • UV curing

  • Growth of thin stable oxide films on silicon and gallium arsenide (e.g. MOS gate oxide)



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