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Production Type PECVD System (LSCVD)
The Samco PD-330ST is a 12" (330mm) capable cassette-to-cassette production system utilizing Samco's patented, high performance 'LSCVD' technology. LSCVD features a unique Plasma-Enhanced CVD technology which utilizes a liquid TEOS source and allows high-speed deposition of stress-free SiO2 films at temperatures from 80~300°C.
The strong sheath electrical field surrounding the cathode-coupled sample stage generates a high level of ion energy, which enables the deposition of silicon oxide films with low internal stress, from thin films to thick films (~30 μm). Furthermore, LSCVD's films are extremely conformal and the ability to deposit in high aspect holes makes the system especially suited to TSV and MEMS applications.

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • Process up to 12" wafers (300 mm)

  • Can perform batch processing of 3 x 6" wafers

  • High deposition rates (>300 nm/min)

  • Deposition over large steps (200 μm)

  • Deposit in high aspect holes with complete conformity (~25:1)

  • Low Particle Levels - A unique reaction chamber design minimizes the generation of particles within the reaction chamber Control of Refractive Index - Germanium (Ge), Phosphorus, and Boron liquid source materials can be used to achieve control over the re

  • Multiple handling systems available.

  • TSV (Through Silicon Via) and 3D packaging

  • Highly conformal films for MEMS and other high aspect applications

  • High-speed deposition of thick silicon oxide films (up to 30 μm)

  • Fabrication of optical waveguides

  • Fabrication of etch masks for micromachining

  • Deposition of films on plastic surfaces

  • Low temperature deposition (from ambient to 300°C)



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