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Liquid Source CVD System

The Samco PD-100ST is an affordable R&D system specifically designed to give R&D teams access to Samco's patented, high performance 'LSCVD' technology. LSCVD features a unique Plasma-Enhanced CVD system utilizing a liquid TEOS source and allowing high-speed deposition of stress-free SiO2 films at temperatures from 80~300°C.
LSCVD's highly conformal coatings and ability to deposit in high aspect holes is especially suited to TSV and MEMS applications. Furthermore LSCVD enables the deposition of silicon oxide films with highly controllable internal stress that can be tuned from compressive to tensile. The technology also allows excellent deposition-rate control for the deposition of thin films to thick films (~30 μm).


Main Unit: 1340(W) x 1625(D) x 1865(H) mm

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • High deposition rates (>300 nm/min)

  • Deposition over large steps (200 μm)

  • Deposit in high aspect holes with complete conformity (~25:1)

  • Low Particle Levels - A unique reaction chamber design minimizes the generation of particles within the reaction chamber

  • Control of Refractive Index - Germanium (Ge), Phosphorus, and Boron liquid source materials can be used to achieve control over the refractive index

  • Silane free process minimizes installation and safety costs

  • Fully automatic "one-button" operation time with full manual override

  • TSV and 3D packaging development

  • Highly conformal films for MEMS and other High Aspect Applications

  • High-speed deposition of thick silicon oxide films (up to 30 μm)

  • Fabrication of optical waveguides

  • Fabrication of etch masks for micromachining

  • Deposition of films on plastic surfaces

  • Low temperature deposition (from ambient to 300°C)



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