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Plasma-Enhanced CVD System
Samco's PD-220N is highly flexible and supports a wide range of applications, from cutting edge R&D to low volume manufacturing. The PD-220N is a unique Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) system designed for the deposition of silicon-based thin films (SiO2, Si3N4, SiOxNy, a-Si:H).
The system offers all of the standard features for PECVD in a very compact footprint. Films with superior thickness and refractive index uniformity can be deposited over a 230mm diameter area, with excellent batch-to-batch repeatability. A computerized touch-panel provides a user-friendly interface for parameter control and recipe storage.
The Samco PD-220N is ideal for depositing thin film for research and development as well as pilot production applications.


Main Unit: 500(W) x 1050(D) x 1510(H) mm

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • Provides the capacity to process five 3" wafers, three 4" wafers, or one 8" wafer per cycle

  • Uniform deposition rate

  • Fully automatic "one-button" operation time with full manual override

  • Easy-to-use computerized touch panel for parameter control, recipe entry and storage (100 recipes total, 100 steps/recipe)

  • Supports the continuous execution of multiple processes such as cleaning process followed by deposition for greater process flexibility

  • Complete set of system interlocks to protect the system and operator

  • Deposition of silicon oxide (SiOx)

  • Deposition of silicon nitride (SiN)

  • Deposition of silicon oxy-nitride (SiOxNy)

  • Deposition of amorphous silicon (α-Si:H)



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