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Plasma-Enhanced CVD System
Samco's PD-220LC is a cassette-to-cassette plasma CVD system for the deposition of passivation layers and interlayer dielectrics on compound semiconductor devices.
The system was designed as a high-volume manufacturing version of the field-proven PD-220N series, and achieves an impressive monthly throughput of ten thousand 2" wafers.


Main Unit: 1250(W) x 2000(D) x 1912(H) mm

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  • Reaction chamber is designed to minimize particle generation and has heated chamber walls

  • Capable of processing three 4" wafers, five 3" wafers or eight 2" wafers

  • Tray-based wafer transport reduces handling time and increases throughput

  • System has a separate cooling chamber

  • Pump down is performed in the cassette chamber to minimize pump down time in the reaction chamber

  • High vacuum level prevents contamination and protects devices from oxidation

  • Deposition of silicon oxide (SiOx Applications Title 2

  • Deposition of silicon nitride (SiN)

  • Deposition of silicon oxy-nitride (SiOxNy)

  • Deposition of amorphous silicon (α-Si:H)



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