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Desktop Xenon Difluoride (XeF2) Etching System

Samco's VPE-4F is a Xenon Difluoride etching system that was designed primarily for the etching of silicon sacrificial layers in the processing of self-standing MEMS devices.

The etch process is completely dry, and eliminates the stiction problems that occur during conventional wet etching process. In addition, the space efficient design makes the system ideal for desktop use in research and development.


Main Unit: 400(W) x 600(D) x 430(H) mm

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  • The process is completely dry and prevents stiction damage in self-standing devices

  • The dry process eliminates the need for pre-processing and post-processing that are required with wet etching

  • Pulsing of the gas flow enables the user to easily control the etch speed and the gas consumption rate

  • The process is plasma-free, and therefore eliminates the risks of plasma damage (bombardment by ions and electrons)

  • The compact desktop design minimizes space requirements

  • System cost is minimized by utilizing a design optimized for processing with XeF2

  • Etching of silicon sacrificial layers in self-standing MEMS devices

  • Failure analysis (analysis of gate oxide by etching away rear side of device)



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