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Samco DRIE System
Samco's RIE-800iPBC is a production cassette-to-cassette version of Samco's highly successful RIE-800iPB system and uses high-density plasma to perform the deep silicon etching required by MEMS and TSV applications.
The RIE-800iPBC is a dedicated silicon etching system specifically designed for the BOSCH process (licensed from Robert Bosch GmbH). The systems unique reaction chamber, electrode, stage and vacuum design overcomes the problems encountered in competing systems to allow High Rate (~50 μm/min), Tilt Free, High Aspect Etching with industry leading Selectivity (~250:1).

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • ∅8" wafer processing (other sizes available)

  • Automatic cassette to cassette wafer handling (multiple specifications available)

  • Automatic wafer side etch protection system

  • ESC with Active wafer temperature control (Helium backside cooling)

  • High-speed gas line system for improved response and smoother sidewalls

  • 'Anti-tilt' feature for vertical etching across the entire wafer

  • Notch Prevention Package for SOI applications (option)

  • Unique stage design for fast cleaning and reduced downtime

  • Recipe storage and data logging

  • Manufacturing of MEMS devices

  • Etching of via holes for 3D packaging

  • Manufacturing of sensors

  • Silicon wafer dicing



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