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Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching System

The Samco RIE-600iP is an ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) etching system capable of generating a high density plasma. The system features a high conductance vacuum system coupled with precise pressure control to allow processing at both low and high pressures, and low and high gas flows. Furthermore, with a newly developed Tornado ICP coil, maintaining stable plasma at high RF powers and high vacuums is now possible. Together, these features provide users the widest process window available.


993mm (W) x 1511mm (D) x 1750mm (H)

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  • Newly developed Tornado ICP coil enables stable processing at high RF powers and low pressures.

  • High capacity vacuum system allows low processing pressure even with high gas flows.

  • Height-adjustable lower electrode (air operated) enables optimization of the distance between the wafer and ICP plasma source.

  • High voltage ESC (electrostatic chuck) allows for clamping of non-conductive substrates such as quartz.

  • Easy maintenance design.

  • Trench, via hole, and SiO2 mask formation for SiC power device fabrication

  • Fabrication of optical devices such as optical waveguides and micro lenses

  • Production of micro channels

  • Production of various sensors



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