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Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Etching System
Samco's RIE-230iPC is a cassette-to-cassette ICP etching system for production applications. The system features a proprietary tornado coil electrode design that efficiently generates a stable high-density plasma which ensures high selectivity, superior etching precision and excellent uniformity. The RIE-230iPC is ideal for applications that require high speed deep etching of silicon oxide and compound semiconductor films such as InP, GaN, AlGaAs and GaAs.
This system can process batches of twelve 2" wafers or three 4" wafers.


Main Unit: 1206mm (W) x 2015mm (D) x 2063.5mm (H)

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • Direct transfer of max. φ8" wafers

  • Cassette-to-cassette production type system

  • Active wafer temperature control (Helium backside cooling)

  • Electrostatic chuck for wafer clamping

  • Processing of multiple wafers possible using the tray cassette

  • Fully automatic operation using graphical touch panel screen

  • Data management and recipe management

  • Data logging is possible with use of an optional PC

  • Low-damage etching of GaN, GaAs, InP for production of electronic and light emitting devices

  • Etching of ferroelectric materials for memory devices

  • High-speed etching for micromachine production



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