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Table-Top Reactive Ion Etching System
Samco's RIE-1C is the ideal solution for laboratories with planar ion-assisted etching requirements and very little bench-top space. This high-performance system is engineered to optimize etching rates, uniformity and selectivity and is especially well suited for removing passivation materials for failure analysis.
The RIE-1C can also be used for etching silicon based films, as well as refractory metals, metal silicides and spin-on-glass. Once a recipe is set up, complete substrate/device processing is started with a push of a button, including system pump down, initiation of gas flow, RF power and chamber venting. In addition, the RIE-1C includes a door interlock and reset switch to ensure operator safety and protect the system. A small-footprint cart designed to hold the RIE-1C, RF power generator and vacuum pump is available as an option.


Main Unit: 400(W) x 440(D) x 325(H) mm

Pump Unit: 430(W) x 620(D) x 800(H) mm

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • "One-button" operation after set up of process recipe

  • Accommodates one 4" wafer or multiple dies or packaged devices

  • Audio alarm signals at completion of run

  • Safety features protect system and operator.

  • Sleek, compact design

  • Small footprint cart saves bench-top space

  • Stripping of passivation materials including silicon nitride, silicon dioxide and silicon oxynitride

  • Etching of intermetal dielectric with profile control

  • Removal of residual encapsulation materials on ICs for failure analysis

  • Stripping of photoresist and polyimide

  • Etching silicon, polysilicon, refractory metals, metal silicides, spin-on-glass, etc.



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