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RIE Systems

Since our establishment in 1979, Samco has developed a wealth of dry etching expertise. Today our product line includes, open-load, load-lock, and cassette type systems for both R&D and Mass Production customers.

ICP Etching Systems

ICP Etching system takes advantage of the latest inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology. Samco's proprietary ICP plasma source, the "Tornado Coil Electrode", enables reliable and uniform etching required for next generation devices.

DRIE Systems

Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) systems are designed for the BOSCH process (licensed from Robert Bosch GmbH) to achieve superior high-speed, deep, vertical etching of silicon for MEMS and 3D-LSI processes.

Other Systems

Samco provides a bench top RIE dry-etching system and XeF2 etching system.



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