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tsuji.jpgSamco held its first thin film technology workshop in India at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay on Feb. 2. The event, entitled "MEMS and Nano Processes", was a collaboration with Professor V. Ramgopal Rao of IIT Bombay's Electrical Engineering Department.

"With a growing economy that is expected to accelerate in the future, India continues to set an example for emerging markets around the world through its innovative research and development activities," said Osamu Tsuji, Samco's President, Chairman and CEO, during his opening remarks at the workshop.

Professor Rao and Professor Osamu Tabata of Kyoto University's Department of Micro Engineering, both regarded as leading researchers in the MEMS field, gave lectures about cutting-edge MEMS technology and its applications. Over 150 engineers and researchers attended their presentations, which included a lively Q&A session afterward.

IIT Bombay recently installed one of Samco's Deep Reactive Ion Etch systems, which opens the possibility for more collaborations in the future. Samco's relationship with the university is just one of many ways the company participates in the expansion and development of India's research institutions and various markets.

"We look forward to a long partnership together with IIT Bombay," Mr.Tsuji said. "At the same time, Samco will continue supporting India's future technological contributions through our connections with other research institutes and companies as well."




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