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DLC Bottles Samco's thin film technology began with the semiconductor industry, but is increasingly finding opportunities for growth in other fields such as environmental protection.

As an example, one of today's most serious environmental problems is the destruction of the ozone layer, which is caused to a large extent by the use of CFCs. Samco has developed a proprietary plasma technology by which it is possible to convert CFC gases into harmless solids that can be recycled and reused in industry. Samco was the first organization in the world to achieve stabilization of CFCs by plasma copolymerization.

Samco also has a keen interest in reducing the consumption of the earth's precious resources, such as the aluminum that is used in cans. Samco has developed a CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) technique to deposit an amorphous carbon layer that protects the content of the bottle. This also makes it easier to effectively clean and reuse the bottles. This technology will enable the replacement of aluminum containers with plastic containers, and is rapidly moving towards commercialization.

Samco is determined to maintain its status as a pioneer in thin film technology. We understand that research and development hold the key to the creation of unique and innovative products, and we believe that our efforts to expand R&D on a global scale will enable us to contribute to the science and industry of the 21st century.



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