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Samco HQ Building space Samco was founded by Osamu Tsuji in 1979 as the Semiconductor And Materials COmpany (SAMCO). Osamu is a pioneer scientist in the field of plasma material science and has made substantial contributions to the International Plasma Chemistry Society and the plasma section of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

From its modest beginnings in Kyoto, Japan, Samco has grown into a $50 million corporation with more than 180 high-level design and production research associates at its corporate headquarters in Kyoto, sales and service offices in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore, its Europe head office in Liechtenstein, its main US office in Sunnyvale, California and NY office. The Silicon Valley research and development facility in Sunnyvale was opened in 1987.

As an innovative developer of plasma material science, Samco has been providing deposition, etch, and surface treatment systems for nearly 40 years, installing more than 3,800 systems in 30 countries, and continues to play a critical role in the production of our customers’ power devices, LEDs, LDs, MEMS, TSVs, SAW devices, RF devices and photonic crystals. Samco has earned a reputation for "Sharpening the Cutting Edge" by rapidly developing and manufacturing turnkey equipment/process solutions through partnerships with its customers in design and process development.

Samco is especially adept at taking the customer's process challenges and modifying existing equipment to provide a solution. By combining modern research and production facilities with a supporting network of major Japanese industrial subcontractors, Samco has the production capacity to rapidly manufacture and deliver cost-effective thin-film deposition, etch and surface treatment systems.

With time-to-market, cost of ownership, and competitive pricing becoming increasingly important, Samco concentrates on shortening the development cycle for its customers by providing reliable, affordable systems. After the initial product development is completed, Samco works closely with its customers to monitor the production of equipment, prepare the installation site, supervise the installation, train the production staff, and follow up with service and support for the life of the product.



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